Centralized Information Concept

The Value of Centralized Information for Construction Projects

Picture this – paperwork is scattered all across your desk, your phone is ringing off the hook, and your team keeps nagging you about the questions they were asking last week. You need your sub-contractor to approve phase II of the project plan, but you’re wasting time wondering if he even got your email…

You need to assign several tasks to your team, but they don’t have the time to get together today for an all hands on deck meeting and one of them operates in another state. You also have a bunch of handwritten notes from the field that are starting to pile up…

Sound familiar? This is the stressful path that most of us have experienced as general contractors and home builders. We work hard and try our best to stay afloat, but somehow we always fall into the same trap of being overwhelmed by information. However, it doesn’t have to be this way – what if there was a way to manage everything in one place? A centralized hub for all your project information?

The Solution – Cloud-based Construction Management Software

Cloud-based construction management software isn’t the future, it’s the present. It provides general contractors and home builders with a centralized location for everything project related – documents, statuses, notes, field reports, schedules, meetings, and so much more. Stop wasting valuable time and money doing things the old way. Start using a cloud-based project management platform today. It will keep you better organized, more efficient, and give you complete control of your construction project information.

Here’s a few of the benefits:

Better Organization

Keep all your project information in one central place: accessible by computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Your team can access the information they need at any time, from anywhere. Throw out that bulky file cabinet and let the cloud manage your files.

Better Communication

Let the software keep your team updated and notified instead of doing it yourself. Automated alerts and notifications will keep your team updated and informed when items need their attention. Say good-bye to extra emails and phone calls.

Better Tracking

View historical records of daily field reports, document statuses, and other project related tasks. Keep a digital paper trail that allows you to track and monitor progress in real-time as you go. Leave the folders and briefcases at home.

If it wasn’t made clear by now, the major value of centralized information is to save you time and money. You’ll work smarter, faster, and more efficient than ever. If you don’t believe us try it out for free. It will change the way you work.


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