Ultimate Construction Marketing Guide

The Ultimate Construction Marketing Guide

Construction for many may be a difficult industry to enter. With a lot of competition out there, it may seem tough to set your company apart from the crowd.

That is why we created the Ultimate Construction Marketing Guide. While not an entirely exhaustive guide, the tables below will help you identify the various Marketing Channels that you can implement in your Construction Marketing to start winning contracts.

If you are unsure what a Marketing Channel is, read this…

Marketing vs. Sales

Before getting to the tables, we should make a distinction between Marketing and Sales. It’s easy to blur the lines between both, but they are different. Marketing is different from Sales because a Marketer doesn’t sit down with a customer and get a contract signed. Sales, on the other hand, works closely with the client to close a deal.

Make no mistake, marketing can strengthen trust, and make a Sale easier. For example, if customers see a construction companies banner at a job site, and the project has been progressing at a consistent pace then their sales team will have a better outcome.

Marketing gets a customer in the door while Sales helps a customer purchase your product/service.

Which Marketing Channels should you use first?

We recommend beginning with the Channels that take the least maintenance. For instance setting up a website takes some effort at the start but requires little effort to maintain. Putting your logo and contact information on your truck also requires some initial work, but it doesn’t require any maintenance. Social Media, on the other hand, is relly easy to setup but requires continuous effort to maintain properly.

Keep in mind, clients in [simple_tooltip content=’Such as Property Management or Fix and Flips.’]various industries struggle[/simple_tooltip] with finding great contractors. Use this as an opportunity to win their initial and ongoing business.

At the end of the day, results matter, and the channels that have the best results are the ones you should focus on.


Branding conveys the identity of your company, therefore it should be consistent.

Foundational Elements of Branding

Logo This is the image that your customers will often identify first, and it will be pervasive throughout your company. It is the foundation of all your marketing efforts. You can use Services like 99Designs to have designers create a logo for you.
Colors Your logo should have a specific color template, and that template is another foundational part of your branding.
Style Guides Style Guides help create rules for all marketing material, ensuring that your brand remains consistent across marketing channels. They can include rules from the Tone used in writing, to the size of certain magnets. This is where your color templates are generally defined.

Promotional Material

With your Logo, and Style Guide you can create the following promotional material:

  • Notepads with Branding
  • Magnets
  • Business Card
  • Pens
  • Lawn Signs
  • Banner
  • Estimate Forms
  • T-Shirts/Polo Shirts
  • Calendars

Lead Generation Sites

Lead Generation sites provide leads to professional contractors.

See our Article on Lead Generation Tools…

Home Advisor/Service Magic http://www.homeadvisor.com/
Bid Clerk https://www.bidclerk.com/
Amazon Services https://services.amazon.com/selling-services
Thumbtack https://www.thumbtack.com/
The Blue Book http://www.thebluebook.com/
Construction Wire/Build Central http://www.constructionwire.com/
National Contractors http://www.nationalcontractors.com/membership.htm
Trusted Pros https://trustedpros.com/
Dodge http://dodgeprojects.construction.com/
Construction Work http://constructionwork.com/
Onvia http://www.onvia.com/
Bid Sync http://www.bidsync.com/
Federal Business Opportunities https://www.fbo.gov/
AEC Leads http://www.aecleads.com/
Ariba http://www.ariba.com/

Listing Services 

Listing services are the online version of the Yellow Pages.

Download our Listing Services checklist here…

Yellow Pages http://www.yellowpages.com/
Google My Business  https://www.google.com/business/
Bing https://www.bingplaces.com/
Yelp http://www.yelp.com/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/create (Choose “Create local business or place”)
Angies List http://www.angieslist.com/
Thumbtack https://www.thumbtack.com/
Superpages.com http://www.superpages.com/
Yellowbook http://www.yellowbook.com/
Manta http://www.manta.com/
Local http://www.local.com/
Kudzu http://www.kudzu.com/
MapQuest http://www.mapquest.com/
Zillow http://www.zillow.com/agent-finder/home-improvement-reviews/

Affiliate Marketing

By far the best way to get clients in the construction industry. Affiliates essentially share your company with others. Here are some ideas to help you brainstorm various potential affiliates and customers that can use your services.

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Building Developers
  • Property Management Companies
  • [simple_tooltip content=’Unless they know someone already, nearly all Real Estate Investors are constantly searching for dependable contractors’]Real Estate Investors[/simple_tooltip]
  • Other Construction Companies
  • Construction Supply Shops
  • Insurance Companies
  • Property Owners/Landlords
  • Homeowners Associations

Paid Advertising

The channels we previously described could also be considered types of advertising. Paid advertising on the other hand generally entails that you pay a to publish an ad to a targetted audience. We recommend posting ads in locations where your ideal customer would see the ad.

Examples Include:

  • [simple_tooltip content=’Billboards are ignored by drivers now more than they ever have been before.’]Billboards[/simple_tooltip]
  • Paid placement on the Yellowpages website.
  • Google Adwords
  • Paid placement on Yelp
  • Facebook Ads
  • Bus Stop Ads
  • [simple_tooltip content=’In the modern cell phone driven world, commercials are often muted, and ignored by viewers.’]Television Commercials[/simple_tooltip]
  • Radio or Podcast Ad Spots
  • Bing Ads


Did you know that diversification could be a marketing channel? Using your core services in various niches will improve your revenue and open the doors to new clients.

Examples of other industries to branch out into include:

  • Restoration(Fire, Flood, Mold, Etc)
  • Inspections
  • Snow Removal
  • Landscaping
  • [simple_tooltip content=’This is an Industry that preserves foreclosures through landscaping, and ongoing maintenance.’]Property Preservation[/simple_tooltip]


If you ask for marketing or sales advice from someone that has been in the Construction Industry for a long time, you will find that they either knew someone that gave them work, or they drove around to find work.

[simple_tooltip content=’If you provide recurring services, many recommend that you offer your first service for Free or at a Sharp Discount to win the customers future business.’]Door to Door Sales[/simple_tooltip] Find properties that look as though they may be in need of your services.
Construction Site Visits If you are not a General Contractor and you are looking for work, a GC may need your services on a project.

Internet Marketing

Perhaps the most misunderstood marketing channel. The allure of Internet marketing it has the highest potential ROI.

However, Internet Marketing requires ongoing maintenance to stand out from the millions of other companies vying for traffic. You will need to create a high-quality, engaging brand to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Social Media

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/
Twitter https://twitter.com/
Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/
Google+ https://plus.google.com/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/


Websites are one of the cornerstones for business. They help potential customers view your portfolio of work, and read testimonials, but customers will also judge your services based on the quality of your website.

Here are a few tips that can help you when you are building your website.

  1. Include a portfolio of your best work
  2. If you have Testimonials from customers, include them on your homepage.
  3. GoDaddy, which provides website hosting, has many promos, so if you are setting up an entirely new website, you can find discount codes using Retail Me Not.
  4. Customers can find your website in a variety of ways. The most effective way right now is [simple_tooltip content=’Many construction marketing companies will recommend a website, and encourage you to work on SEO. While SEO isnt a bad idea, we dont often hear that it is as good as referrals or affiliates.’]using SEO[/simple_tooltip], which you can learn about here…
  5. The other way for customers to find your site is by sharing content from your site on Social Media. Many construction companies like to share images or video of projects they are currently working on.

This brief guide was meant to provide you with a glimpse into many of the potential marketing channels that you can take advantage of to grow your business.

Unless you are incredibly lucky, you will have a difficult time finding success using only one channel. You will find your best opportunities starting with your Sphere of Influence, and as you incorporate each new channel you will improve your exposure to potential customers.

For any of these channels to be successful in the long run, your services should live up to, or exceed your marketing claims.

Well executed projects guarantee happy customers.

CMFusion is a Cloud Based Construction Software that will help your company execute, and provide consistent results. It has several features to aid in organization, scheduling, and managing a variety of Construction Projects.

Learn more at cmfusion.com


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  1. There are some good tips here – thanks for taking the time to put this together. I would also recommend putting images on Pinterest as that ranks highly in google image searches. For more tips aimed at construction marketeers I recommend this blog: https://www.cdpweb.co.uk/blog

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