How Time is Spent During Construction Management

How Time is Spent in Construction Management

Efficient construction management is the bedrock of successfully completing projects, especially on time. But talk is cheap. You know you have to be efficient, you know you have to make a million pieces fit together, and you know smart construction management is the key to success.

But it isn’t always that easy or simple: projects are subject to cycles of order and chaos. Deadlines are missed, extensions are requested, and materials need to be reordered. Somehow construction management, and your time, has turned into a mess.

It’s definitely not as easy as it seems. But why?

According to several studies, you can expect the bulk of inefficiency to arise from coordinating labor and handling materials – purchasing, ordering, reordering, inventory.

Labor / People

Managing labor can be tiresome and waste a construction manager’s time. Managing workers time is incredibly difficult because they may not be as mindful of the time — and project deadlines — as you are.

One study broke down into percentages the average time a laborer spent on the job doing various tasks. The study found that 40 percent of their time is productive, but an astounding 55 percent is unproductive. Unproductive moments are due to administrative delays (20 percent), inefficient work methods (20 percent) and 15 percent accounts for labor disputes and other work restrictions. The study also found that 5 percent of an employee’s time must be set aside for personal leave — vacations, sick leave, etc.

No doubt, labor management — not to mention scheduling — eats away at a construction manager’s time and ability to meet project deadlines.

Materials and Equipment

Materials and equipment management also consume your limited time. Another study found that 57 percent of the time on a project is wasted, while 43 percent is actually productive. That is astounding, but also believable if you consider the complexities of managing people, materials, inventory, and equipment in a full day of work.

And you know all too well that wasted time equals wasted money. If you’re interested in how some “measurement-minded companies” helped to refine their construction project management techniques in order to save time and money, read this article.


Have you ever stopped to think about how much time you spend on communicating with people? Email, phone calls, meetings, the list goes on… and it eats up time like nothing else!

How to buy back Time

Let’s be honest… nobody can “buy back” wasted time. However, we can be more efficient, especially today with an abundance of technology at our fingertips. That’s where software like CM Fusion comes in – smart technology that helps you manage your labor, materials, and equipment, communication, etc. – all in an effort to save you time and money.

Contact us today to learn how CM Fusion can help you better manage your time during construction projects.


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