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An Introduction to Construction Scheduling Software and How It Can Reduce Project Costs

Many say that construction is “organized chaos”.

Yet you have learned, that in order for your construction projects to successfully complete each phase of the construction process, there has to be a thorough, well thought out plan.

For example, you do not want the concrete mixer to show up before the excavation company. A simple mistake like this is costly.

In addition to organization, inefficient time management can result in greater labor and equipment overhead. Many variables can delay your project such as unforeseen conditions, lack of utilities, project complexity, claims, and budget but better time management can prevent unnecessary delays.

Construction Scheduling Software offers a solution to help organize each phase of your project and make time management easier. Such software helps the Construction Manager consider all of the phases that are required to complete the project, and it guides them through a process to prevent missteps that could dramatically delay a project.

Here are 5 ways that Construction Scheduling Software can reduce project costs:

1. It Helps Prevent Unforeseen Conditions

Unforeseen Conditions such as terrible weather, hitting bedrock during excavation, putting a wall in the wrong spot, or tragic accident will severely delay your project.

However, Construction Scheduling Software enables the construction manager to think through the construction process. During which, the construction manager considers project deadlines, and when each phase should be completed to meet those deadlines. If there are bad weather conditions, the manager can quickly alert Superintendents, modify the schedule and move the planned tasks to another date.

With the right scheduling software, a construction manager can alert superintendents through their mobile phone seamlessly. Preventing the hassle of calling each superintendent.

2. Supply the Right Utilities at the Right Time

If portions of the project have to be done at night, it might be necessary to coordinate transporting some Light Towers. Likewise, throughout the the construction project contractors will often request the activation of utilities, which may require that you work with the city, and utility company. Knowing what utilities may need to be activated, and when, will enable the construction manager to be proactive.

Without a software or system to help you work out each phase of the project step by step nothing can possibly get done the right way.

3. Super Complex Projects Simplified

A large construction project can be so complex that bottlenecks in the project occur. Organizing the construction schedule well can prevent some of these bottlenecks, but not all of them.

For instance, a crane may be scheduled to arrive on site by a certain date, yet the excavation team hits bedrock. If the construction management team is small, they may get focused on the bedrock issue and forget the crane.

The right construction scheduling software gives the construction manager a birds-eye view of the schedule, what will occur, what companies will be there, and the documentation for each event.

Preventing project bottlenecks requires the use of software that makes scheduling simple and practical. With it, the construction manager knows what has to be done, what equipment will be required, how long the equipment will be there, where it can be placed, etc.

4. Complete RRR Projects with Fewer Headaches.

Retrofit, rehabilitation, and restoration projects present challenges for many construction managers. From scheduling noisy work at opportune times to directing traffic during rush hour, a manager will need to have many of these inevitable situations planned out prior to beginning the project.

A construction scheduling software can facilitate the plan concerning when Traffic Control needs to arrive or demolition crews are allowed to start and stop the demolition.

There are also many safety concerns related to RRR projects that have to be taken into consideration when planning projects. Knowing the schedule of the RRR location can help reduce construction traffic during peak times such as the start or end of the clients shift. For instance, client safety can be improved by postponing a task in one area of high traffic and working on a separate task in an area with less traffic.

A good scheduling tool allows a construction manager to plan for safer, more efficient, high quality work. Having a well coordinated project gives the client the peace of mind

Construction quality is not only determined by what you build but also in how you build.

5. Planning Out Contracting Resources

The companies a manager contracts with to complete projects will make or break the project. Using construction scheduling software, the manager can organize what company, which project, when to start a certain phase, and how to start that new phase.

By utilizing construction scheduling software, a construction manager can integrate sub-contractors into an optimized, well thought out project schedule so they can complete the tasks they need to perform with the equipment and time they need.

These brief 5 examples offer only an introduction into how a construction scheduling software can help your construction business. The quality of your construction project exists not only in the finished project, but also in how you completed the project.

If contractors are just told to perform the work in their contract, the roofing company may show up to the job site on the same day as the excavation company.

Subcontractors are guided by the contracts they are issued, and without proper organization of a construction schedule, they may never show up. These professionals are looking to the construction manager to properly organize how the project should be completed.

Finally, you have peace of mind when you have planned out an entire project, from beginning to end. Organizing the contracts, permits, and equipment that will be at the job site from day one will help you take the project step by step until the final day of the project. Most importantly, with good planning, that final day happens sooner, so you can get paid earlier.

Once clients see that your company can get construction projects completed on time or ahead of schedule, you will quickly gain the references you need to build your client base and generate revenue.

There are many Construction Scheduling tools out there that can help you accomplish what we explained above.

CM Fusion has a Construction Calendar that enables you to plan out your construction project schedule in conjunction with organizing your construction documentation in the cloud. Our scheduling tool is easy to use so you can quickly plan out every step you need to take to complete your construction project.


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