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Construction Marketing: A Primer for Winning More Contracts

You probably hate Cold Calls. Quite often, your customers won’t like them either. So how can you find work? Our quick primer will introduce you to the power of marketing channels, and the sales process, so you can begin winning more contracts!

Finding Construction Leads

Your first goal should be developing a list of customers; marketers call this list, a “database.” Your database should include:

  1. Current Customers.
  2. Previous Customers.
  3. Anyone that has expressed interest in your service.
  4. Anyone that might be searching for your service.

Many contractors begin with those they already know such as friends, family members, and acquaintances. Marketers call this your “Sphere of Influence.”

Once your Sphere of Influence has been exhausted, you will have to find leads outside of it.

How do you find customers beyond your Sphere of Influence?

Before we can go into that, however, we need to clarify an important concept termed a “Marketing Channel,” a Marketing Channel is the method that you use to communicate the value of your construction service and drive demand. For instance, the logo on your truck is a Marketing Channel. Cold calling is another variety of Marketing Channel.

Another way to understand a marketing channel is by imagining a river, and that river represents customer demand. Each channel you employ helps siphon water from that river.

Note: Marketing Channels are much more complicated than this, but we have opted to provide you with a quick summary to help you get started.

Now here are some rules that will make you successful:

  1. Sticking to only one Marketing Channel will not work.
  2. The more Marketing Channels you use, the better the odds are that you will find customers.
  3. Keep track of the channels that work the best, and drop what doesn’t work.

Where should you start?

Many companies put logos or signs on their vehicles, some will put an ad in the classifieds, others will drive around and see if there are homes that have an issue they can fix, others will use lead generation sites, and these are all forms of Marketing Channels.

If you use a combination of channels, then leads will start streaming in.

Note: If you are interested in trying lead generation sites, we put together a list of 16 lead generation sites in our recent article: 16 Tools to Use for Finding Leads after Receiving Your California Contractor License(it contains relevant information even if  you are not in California).

10 Construction Marketing Channel Ideas:

  1. Lead Generation Services
  2. Local Listings: Download our FREE Listing checklist
  3. Vehicle Logos
  4. Lawn Signs
  5. Banners
  6. Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, online forums.
  7. Networking: BNI, Meetup
  8. Search Engine Optimization: Requires a website, and knowledge of SEO.
  9. Finding opportunities by driving around neighborhoods
  10. Craigslist

With each new potential customer, be sure always to add their contact information to your database.

What will you do with that database?

The Sales Process

A database helps remind you to follow up with leads and customers. Even if someone was only calling to get to get some input their project, follow up with them at a later date to see how their project went, or if they have any more questions.

Routinely contact your previous customers as they may want you to perform another project in the future, or they may have a friend that wants a project completed.

The intent to all of your marketing is to obtain a contract from a lead.
Once you have a signed contract, this is considered the final “Stage” of your “Sales Process.” Every contact you add to your database enters into your Sales Process.

A Sales Process is an organized way to determine how close or far your leads are from signing a contract, by placing them in distinct Stages. Each Stage helps you strategize what you need to do to move a potential customer further along in the Sales Process.

What can you use to help organize your Sales Process? Many companies like to use a Customer Relationship Manager or “CRM”. A CRM will enable you to input customer contact information, remind you of customers that you should follow up with, and where they are in the Sales Process.

Whether you are constructing a residential home, commercial building, or pouring a foundation, you know the right tools and techniques are needed to properly finish the job. Marketing is no different.

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